Thank Heaven For Mothers “A Tribute To Mothers Day”

When I think of the word mother I think of a word that means so much more than someone who gave birth to a child. Mothers come in all different forms shapes and sizes. Mother doesn’t just mean a biological mom it can be someone like a step mother a grandmother an aunt or friend or just someone that has made it their goal to love you and look over you.
A mother is someone that watches over her child and protects them, loves them unconditionally with all their heart and soul. A mother is someone that makes sacrifices for her children, she puts them first and sometimes neglects her own wants and needs unselfishly. A mother will support your dreams and goals and will try to encourage and inspire you to be the best you can be but most of all to live a life full of peace and happiness.
Mothers are courageous and there are just not enough words to sum up all that a mother is in a small paragraph but I wanted to give a tribute and a thank you to all the mothers in the world that have done so much for their families with an open and loving heart.
Happy Mother’s Day,
Peace and Lov, Tonya

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2 thoughts on “Thank Heaven For Mothers “A Tribute To Mothers Day”

  1. Denise Perri says:

    Love is universal, beautiful, unconditional and powerful ! You and your work are a wonderful example of all that love is ❤️
    Happy Mothers Day !!!!

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