Happy 2019 Do What You Love

Happy New Year!!! I always love the New Year, a time of reflection and renewal. A time of transformation. Whatever it may be it’s a time of change, and it is all good. 🙂 We are all on a journey. 🙂

I love to start off the New Year with a BIG THANK YOU!!! To all my customers friends and family who have continuously supported me and my art throughout the year. The other day when I was thinking of what I wanted to write, I took a short break to check my mail. I became so inspired when I opened the mail box and discovered an unexpected package from a friend and a customer!!! There was a kind thank you note inside with this beautiful wooden wall hanging that I have posted a picture of, that says “Do what you Love and love what you do” Wow!!! So heart felt!!! I thought It was so colorful and inspiring! I just love elephants too!!  I was truly in such awwwww and so surprised and delighted at what I was looking at. I was so thankful and at the same time it made me think just how grateful I have been all these years to be able to “do what I love” because of all of you! I have met so many kind and nice people year after year that have inspired me in so many ways, so that I can continue creating these special pieces of jewelry and art for you! I am so excited to start creating new and exciting pieces this year for you to Lov….Thank you all so much!

Wishing each and every one of you all the best this year, on your journey!

Love and Peace, Tonya


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