Hello. I’m Tonya Perri.

Over 23 years ago I fell in lov with creating porcelain jewelry and I’ve never looked back. My mission and passion has always been to make an extraordinary product for someone else to lov and treasure.

As a young girl I loved playing with jewelry and wearing my nana’s fun baubles. I often received jewelry as gifts and cherished each and every piece. I could usually be found searching for things to draw or paint on, or figuring out what I could make out of sticks or stones from the backyard or scrap wood from the garage. I just always wanted to be creating something.

My own personal journey has led me down a path to express myself through my jewelry, creating the story of my life through each collection, beginning with the Lov Collection and continuing with friendship, growth, forgiveness, healing and destiny.

I would love for everyone that wears my jewelry to feel special and loved. To know that each one of us is a unique individual with special gifts and talents to offer this world. I hope you enjoy and lov your purchase as much as I have loved creating it.

Peace and Lov, Tonya

Tonya Lov

Tonya Lov Jewelry began in my workshop in Collegeville Pennsylvania. My interests in abstract painting and three dimensional arts blossomed into my love for making my porcelain jewelry..