Why wear handmade jewelry?

Handmade jewelry is unique in design and offers consumers a worldly jewelry option. Each piece of Tonya Lov Jewelry is handcrafted by artisan, Tonya Perri. Tonya takes time to concentrate on each piece and pays special attention to each detail. Because handmade earrings, necklace, bracelets and rings are a product of Tonya’s skill, each piece of handcrafted jewelry is truly unique. Tonya is not restricted by machine designs or popular trends.

You can be sure that each piece is exclusive because Tonya creates her jewelry in small quantities. You are unlikely to see anyone wearing the exact same piece. The jewelry pictured on this website are representative of a collection of ideas. While Tonya makes every effort to create a specific piece in each collection in the same manner, each piece is truly unique.

Buying Tonya Lov Jewelry not only supports artisan Tonya Perri, allowing her to continue sharing her craft with others, but is also environmentally friendly. Tonya produces smaller quantities conservatively, using less resources than a mass production. Not only will you own a beautiful piece of jewelry, but you will also encourage an artistic movement and help Tonya live her dreams.

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